7 Tips to Reward Good Tenants
16 March 2023

7 Tips to Reward Good Tenants

A well-mannered, loyal tenant is a landlord’s dream. Nowadays, that can be hard to find. There can be misunderstandings and even confrontations between the landlord and their customers because of the failed expectations on both sides.

Tenants expect their landlords to listen to their needs and be patient – to make it easier for them. On the other hand, landlords expect tenants to respect them and their property, following specific rules. Sometimes, not everything goes precisely as planned, which can mean losing a customer and a bad review.

As a landlord, you should know that this kind of relationship needs effort and appreciation to work. But, if you have done everything you can to be a decent and trustworthy landlord and you’ve been blessed with good tenants, it is only suitable to reward them. Here’s how to reward good tenants:

A bouquet in a vase

Flowers are always a great way to reward good tenants .

1. Small Acts of Appreciation (Flowers, Gift Cards, Gift Baskets…)

Just like in any other situation, respect and thankfulness are shown by kind words and occasional gifts. The simplest (simple is always the best) and easiest way to reward good tenants is by giving them a small present. You don’t need to overdo it – just let them know you’re grateful.

For example, the safest choice would be flowers (if they’re new tenants and you don’t know them well). As mentioned, a gift card with touching and kind words is always welcome. You can custom-make a gift basket if you’ve met them and know what they like. Be creative! Don’t overthink it – it will make them happy regardless of the gift you pick.

2. Reducing Their Rent

We can’t expect that you reduce their rent to the extent that it would cause you financial problems and trouble. Even if you wanted to, it wouldn’t be beneficial, and you have bills to pay as well as everybody else. When we speak of reducing the rent, we mean occasionally.

For example, the holiday season is always a heavy burden on the family budget for most people. You buy presents and decorations, plus the rent. Help them during this period out of respect for their behavior. Then again, if you know them well and know that they are going through some personal struggle, that would also be the perfect timing.

Ladder and painting materials

Repaint the walls, fix any possible malfunction, or pay for a professional deep cleaning.

3. Renew the Property

That may be the most productive way to reward good tenants. It will benefit them for sure, but you equally as much. Maintaining the property they live on is your responsibility, just like theirs. And what better sign of respect if you make their living space livelier, fresher, and renewed? Repaint the walls, fix any possible malfunction, or pay for a professional deep cleaning – these are just some possibilities.

Talk to them – maybe they’ll tell you if they have a specific problem with something on the property that needs repairing. You will do them a favor, but you’re helping yourself by maintaining your property and keeping it in good condition.

4. Amenities and Appliances

Appliances are similar to the maintenance of the whole property. Check all you can – TV, washing machine, fridge, water heater, etc. All of these appliances will eventually need a replacement someday. Take the initiative, and buy the new ones yourself.

Seemingly small things like the condition of drapes and carpets can be why tenants move out. If they’ve brought their appliances or decoration, help them by directing them to the best local movers as experts at State to State Move advise. With the help of professionals, they will learn all the needed information about storage and unpacking.

Also, see if they need something particular. Providing a more comfortable life is wise since one happy customer can bring you more tenants.

A person holding a key in their hands

Rent extensions are the perfect reward if you’ve built trust with your tenants or have a long-term tenancy.

5. Rent Extensions

Rent extensions are the perfect reward if you’ve built trust with your tenants or have a long-term tenancy. You might not know what is happening in those people’s lives or what financial problems they’re dealing with. Maybe they’re struggling to pay the rent on time.

But this shouldn’t be a problem for you. Talk to them, and offer them an extension of a few days as a thank you for being such good people and tenants. This kindness will help them immensely, and you won’t notice the difference.

6. Don’t Be a Stranger to Them

Being kind to your tenants is necessary. That isn’t much of a reward as basic human decency. Make them feel like they’re truly at home. It would be horrible if they felt like intruders on someone else’s property. You don’t want that to happen.

There are a lot of ways you can make them feel nice. Making a garden where all of you can enjoy, talk and spend time together is one of the best. Try not to use to official tone when you’re talking, be their friend instead. That implies that you shouldn’t be strict or unbearable.

For instance, give them some freedom to make their living space as they want to. If they brought their furniture, you can put way yours in storage or instruct them to put theirs if they are okay whit it. Of course, not before preparing it properly for storage. Be flexible and respectful so they’ll return it twice more.

7. Good Communication

Responding quickly to their problems and needs is a way to connect with your tenants. Always be available to them – to fix a problem or to discuss particular topics. If you’re patient and calm with them – they’ll respect you even more.

Plus, you will save them from the struggle of not being acknowledged and heard and yourself from possible loss of tenants. It is all about communication. A good relationship full of respect is essential to make anything work.


Tenants who behave well and respect your property and limits are sometimes rare sight. That is why you must take care, appreciate, and reward good tenants who deserve it. Don’t forget that communication is the key, and you can solve every disagreement with a conversation.