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    Head Office 2500 N Buffalo Dr, Suite 100
    Las Vegas, Nevada, 89128

    Reno Office 275 Hill Street, Suite 230
    Reno, Nevada, 89501
    (775) 277-2323

    Mailing Address 9030 W Sahara Ave, Suite 668
    Las Vegas, Nevada, 89117

    Our Team

    Kamyar Zargari - Owner & Broker

    Kamyar Zargari

    Owner & Broker

    Ext. #126
    Shantal Trejo Castillo - Office Manager & Realtor

    Shantal Trejo Castillo

    Office Manager & Realtor

    Ext. #105
    Moshe Botnick - Realtor

    Moshe Botnick


    Ext. #104
    Matt Paulino - Realtor

    Matt Paulino


    Ashley Herbes - Realtor

    Ashley Herbes


    Ext. #101
    McKenna Medas - Leasing Director

    McKenna Medas

    Leasing Director

    Ext. #109
    Lorena Frey - Executive Assistant

    Lorena Frey

    Executive Assistant

    Ext. #113
    Mariah Ransom - Vacancies Coordinator

    Mariah Ransom

    Vacancies Coordinator

    Ext. #107
    Corinne Sarmiento - Repairs Coordinator

    Corinne Sarmiento

    Repairs Coordinator

    Ext. #106
    Herlyn Dumaicos - Onboarding Specialist

    Herlyn Dumaicos

    Onboarding Specialist

    Ext. #102
    Edson Velazquez - Bookkeeper

    Edson Velazquez


    Ext. #111
    Karina Rojas - Accounting Director

    Karina Rojas

    Accounting Director

    Ext. #103
    Robert Buono - Marketing Director

    Robert Buono

    Marketing Director

    Ext. #112
    Irma Aguilar - Support Desk

    Irma Aguilar

    Support Desk