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Property Management

As one of the leading property management companies in Las Vegas and Reno, we’re aware of the complications and time-consuming efforts it takes to manage one or several properties. With our team of experts and complete service of property management, you’re able to have peace of mind.



Our Work For Property Management

We’ll take on the responsibility to provide exceptional and professional property management services to cater to your property needs. At Triumph, we bring you the best property management services at your doorstep. These are:

  • Professional and Dedicated to what we do
  • Take care of all your problems like to selling your home, or to buying a home
  • Get real-time updates on everything going on with your units
  • Sit back and relax, while we are here to watch out for your worries.

Our objective for your property is to open it to the most extreme assets for planned tenants. Renters have various approaches to finding homes for lease, they might drive by the property, call an authorized real estate agent, or shift focus over to the Internet, or nearby distributions.

We forcefully market, investment properties related to different nearby land organizations involving a few thousand specialists, Multiple Listing Services, different virtual entertainment discussions, numerous partnered sites, print promoting distributions, and particular paid internet showcasing gatherings.

Publicizing your property is incorporated with the administrations we give, except for specific promoting in the neighborhood papers and land distributions. However your property is showcased, catching potential renters is certain.

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Full-Service Property Management


Our strategic marketing plans ensure that we reach out to the widest, most relevant audience. Our objective is always to decrease vacancy turnover rates, all the while maximizing your income potential.

Tenant Selection

Our robust tenant screening process filters through only the best tenants who we can be sure will be responsible and respectful.


Timely maintenance is essential. We regularly inspect our properties and, when maintenance is required, our industry experts are on-hand to deal with any query that tenants may have, including emergency maintenance.


Property owners receive various accounting reports to stay informed about their property’s financial performance and status and help them make informed decisions..


Ideally, evictions should be avoided, but when necessary can be done. In compliance with state and federal legislation, we make certain the process is done in a timely and earnest manner.


Management Fee First time clients who bring less than three properties.


Management Fee First time owners who bring in three or more properties.


Hidden Fees No hidden fees and No Setup Fees.



Rent Calculator

Enter Price, Rent and Expenses

Financing Details


Annual Profit & Loss



Net Rent$1,101



Repairs & Maintenance$88

Property Management$77

Leasing Fees$50

Total Expenses$690

Net Operating Income (NOI)$411

Cap Rate1.64%

Financed Returns

Interest Payment$738

Return After Interest-$323

Investment (Down Payment)$7,500

Financed Return (ROI)-4.31%

Principal Paydown$295

Net Cash Flow$-618

Cash on Cash Return8.24%

After Tax Returns


Taxable Income$-963

Income Taxes$-385

After Tax Return$62

After Tax Return0.83%

After Tax Cash Flow$-233

Cash on Cash after Tax-3.11%

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