9 best tips to keep tenants happy!
7 December 2022

9 best tips to keep tenants happy!

Before reading the best ways to keep tenants happy, let us gain some knowledge about tenants and happy tenants. A good tenant affects your investment’s long-term return. Understanding the significance of screening is the first step. It is essential that you investigate each application’s criminal past, credit history, rental history, and income. In addition to the apparent loss of revenue, selecting the incorrect tenant could stress you out, take up your time, and maybe result in an eviction.

A good tenant will also let you know if there is an issue with the rental, which is another quality to look for. Minor issues are important to discuss because, if they are not resolved, they could develop into more serious and expensive issues. For instance, if a little water leak is not fixed right away, it could result in a significant mold treatment claim.

You have found a good tenant and you want to keep them if they are responsible, pay rent on time, and take care of the property. Maintaining a good tenant will also cut down on turnover costs. You will lose money every day the property is vacant because tenant turnover not only costs money but also takes time.

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Best ways to keep Tenants Happy are:

1. Establish a strong connection by coming to an understanding:

A precise rental agreement is the best way to ensure a smooth landlord/tenant relationship. Your lease should specify who is responsible for what in the event that repairs are required, in addition to the monthly rent and utilities. Establish who will be responsible for maintaining the yard if one is present on the rental property. This is very rare quality in landlords and it actually keep tenants happy.


2. Be upfront about your tenancy agreement and expectations.

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This is a particularly crucial topic if you are not using an estate agent to rent out your house. Establish what you want from your tenants, and keep yourself as well as your tenants happy—and what they expect from you—clearly from the beginning in the hopes of making your tenancy go well. If you have new tenants have agreed to the conditions of your lease by signing it, but you are also required to uphold your half of the bargain. As a result, both parties ought to be content knowing that their expectations have been made explicit.


Additionally, for the avoidance of any ambiguity later on, make sure any particular exemptions or conditions included in your agreement are as explicit and specific as possible.

3. Answer the phone:

For the sole reason that they know someone will be there to help them handle any difficulties that may arise, most renters prefer to work with seasoned property managers. Make it a priority to answer your tenants’ phone calls or to return them within 12 to 24 hours, regardless of your other obligations. Answering calls and clarifying queries makes tenants happy and satisfied.


4. Address any problems right away: 

No matter how minor or serious they may appear to be, complaints should typically be resolved within a week. This demonstrates to your tenants your importance to them and your appreciation of their opinions and concerns. A minor delay might be acceptable if their issues are not urgent (such as a leaky faucet or broken door handle), but larger issues, especially those involving security and safety, should be fixed right away.

By quickly resolving problems, especially those that are personal in nature, you can convince your tenants that you are a dependable and responsible landlord, increasing the likelihood that they will decide to renew their lease. In this way, one can keep tenants happy.

5. Be cautious when raising rents: Best tip to keep tenants happy.

It can be tempting to raise rents to the maximum extent permitted if you rent out your property in a poor rental market and your tenant’s lease is about to expire in a stronger market. Offering good tenants a rent that is a little less than market rate, however, can be a very effective retention strategy and could help you avoid spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on turnover costs.

6. Address Maintenance concerns quickly: 

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Responding to maintenance issues as soon as they arise is the second stage in keeping your tenant satisfied. According to research, one of the reasons tenants choose not to renew their lease is due to delayed responses to repair complaints. Therefore, you must handle maintenance expertly and handle repairs as soon as they arise. By doing this, you will not only maintain the condition of your property but also give your tenants the impression that you are concerned about them.


7. Do not be afraid to change the law: Tip to keep tenants happy.

Making sure your rental property and tenancy agreement adhere to the most recent industry regulations, particularly those related to health and safety, is one of your primary duties as a landlord. Tenants may look up any industry rule, therefore it is critical to keep up with recent developments; otherwise, your reputation as a proactive and responsible landlord will be tarnished.


Landlords and tenants may rest easy knowing that leaders keep them informed of any changes to the law and that any contractors we hire are complaining. 

8. Respect the privacy of your tenants

You have the right to inspect your tenants’ residence as their landlord because it is your property! Being organized and respectful as a landlord is essential to keeping your tenants happy and satisfied, as it is unfair to drop by unannounced. Make sure you have a good reason before going to the property if you want to or need to. Try to offer at least 48 hours’ notice, second. It is crucial that this is mentioned and emphasized in your tenancy agreement to prevent any potential disputes over the topic. 


Leaders advise landlords to make at least one visit to their rental units every six months. They can then communicate with their tenants on their welfare while residing in the property and remain on top of any maintenance issues. Landlords are able to address any issues as they emerge in this way, preventing a situation from getting worse for either party. The Fully Managed service from Leaders also comes with standard visits and inspections to the properties. These etiquettes will keep tenants happy and complain-free.

9. Give little gestures of gratitude:

Let your tenants know if you have any particular admiration for them. Showing a sign of gratitude, will surprise them, and make them happy. An excellent illustration of a thoughtful, unanticipated gesture that may go a long way toward fostering tenant loyalty to you and your business is a Christmas card with a personalized greeting and a little gift certificate. 


After reading the tips to keep tenants happy, the landlord must implement the above tips to make it a reality. Keeping tenants happy will automatically keep landlords happy & vice- versa.