8 Essential Home Security Tips for Landlords
27 December 2022

8 Essential Home Security Tips for Landlords

If you’re a landlord, you’re ultimately responsible for the security of your rented property. It is the landlord’s responsibility to make renters feel safe and secure in their dwellings. Therefore, if you want to keep tenants long-term, you must demonstrate that you care about their safety.

Improving your property’s security keeps your current renters safe and increases your rental value, deters would-be criminals, and lowers the likelihood of damage and theft. The security of your rental properties is a top priority, but what can you do, as a landlord, to make them even safer? Here are some essential home security tips for landlords.

1. Put Deadbolt Locks at Every Entrance

These days, if you want to rent out your apartment, it is a good idea to have deadbolt locks. When compared to a standard lock, a deadbolt’s strength is unmatched. That is what makes it so effective at deterring burglars.

You can install deadbolts on all outside doors to further protect your tenants. Additionally, you should ensure that no one can open the windows from the outside. You must keep your locks in working order with frequent maintenance. A broken or unsecured lock might be an invitation to burglars. Amongst all the security tips, this shall be preferred.

A solid wood door with a deadbolt lock

One of the best security tips for landlords is to install deadbolt locks on all doors that lead to the outside.

2. Install a Home Alarm System

Installing an alarm system on your rental property is also part of the security tips for landlords. Homes with an alarm system are three times less likely to be burglarized than those without. To deter many would-be burglars, you need a sign in the window or lawn to let them know you have a home security system.

However, many landlords refuse to put in an alarm system because of the technical upkeep it can require. There are several low-cost options, and recent advancements in smartphone technology have made it simpler to control your alarm system remotely. Therefore, as long as you team up with the right partner by finding the best home security company, you will not have any issues.

3. Set up a Security System- One of the best security tips 

If you want to take an alarm system a step further, installing a complete security system is the way to go. Tenants will appreciate the extra peace of mind with a security system. It might even be the deciding factor in whether they choose your rental over another.

These systems use motion detectors to detect unauthorized movement and sound an alarm. However, that is not the only feature security systems offer. Some offer code-based locking mechanisms, which allow you to do away with keys altogether. That means you can rest easy knowing that you won’t need to change your locks if you misplace your keys.

It is crucial to choose the appropriate security system for your property. There are many out there, and not every type is going to be suitable for your needs. A security system allows for a shared master access code and unique, secret access codes for each renter. Because of the above reasons, this must be the most preferred security tips amongst others by landlords.

A security system keypad.

Security systems make it easier to control who has access to your property.

4. Hire a Property Manager

Hiring a property manager might provide you peace of mind if you don’t currently have tenants or want to be sure your tenants are maintaining it properly. Having a property manager is also great if you own a rental property but don’t live near it.

A property manager can do a lot for you. They can handle upkeep, tenant concerns, and security on your behalf. Additionally, you may request random inspections from the property manager to ensure the renters maintain the building well. Therefore, having someone to help you with the management duties of your property might be a wise investment for landlords that don’t live nearby.

5. Instal CCTV Systems

CCTV systems used to be prohibitively costly. However, today, security cameras are more affordable than ever. That means you can put them in your rental homes for peace of mind, and your renters can feel safer. Now, while tenants’ personal space is off-limits to security cameras, you can utilize them in public areas like foyers, stairwells, and backyards. Furthermore, a camera system is also beneficial because it can prevent thefts even if it’s off.

6. Tenant Screening- Best Amongst other Security tips

Most landlords believe that a tenant screening process makes tenants skeptical, thus avoiding doing it. However, contrary to popular belief, tenant screenings show that you care about your property’s security. That, in turn, makes your tenants feel much more secure. Now, when it comes to tenant screening, you have several options.

That includes online tenant screening services, property management services, and letting agencies. Asking for references is very acceptable from companies and people you know personally. Trusting your instincts is important, but you should still have a good reason if you want to turn down a renter. So don’t overlook tenant screening which is one of the essential security tips for landlords.

An electrician examines the wiring in a rental home.

To secure your rental property, you must maintain it regularly.

7. Routine Maintenance

For example, if your property uses gas, you must do a gas safety inspection annually. However, undertaking routine maintenance inspections is also a good idea to ensure everything is in working order. It will be necessary to check the suitability of the furniture, the wiring, and the fireplace to keep everything as safe as possible and reduce the risk of accidents.

The experts at consumeropinion.org always recommend seeking professional assistance for more detailed inspections. This way, you can ensure that everything is in working order.

8. Purchase the Right Insurance

Without mentioning landlord insurance, we can’t discuss essential home security tips for landlords. Insurance is one of the most important things you can do to protect your investment and save money in the long run. However, having enough insurance to safeguard your investment in the building and its contents is also important.

You should also think about purchasing property and liability insurance alongside this. The security of knowing you have adequate insurance is priceless. And if you adhere to all the security tips mentioned above, you may be able to save money on your premiums as well. 

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