Top 5 Amazing Property Manager Duties you would love to know!
27 September 2022

Top 5 Amazing Property Manager Duties you would love to know!

Property Manager duties are numberless, but first lets know, who is  Property Manager? A Property Manager is the one who is hired by Real estate investor or owner of the property, who wants to outsource all the responsibilities of their rental properties. He is the one who is responsible for the intermediate property management duties being performed. Property Manager is the person who answers tenants and property holders. If, any problem is faced by tenant regarding property, then it is property manager duties to make it solve. And, if any real estate investor or property holder faces any property related problem, then Property Manager has to answer. 

Following are Property Manager Duties:


      1. Finding New & Quality Tenants

Property Manager duties are to find a new tenant when the property is vacant. By giving proper advertisement in newspapers, TV, radios or by Social media Marketing, i.e., by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. platforms. By publicizing ads, property managers can find a new tenant soon. From, Property Manager checklist, to find out quality tenant is the most important click here to Know how .


      2. Tenant History Checking

In the Property Manager duties list, this one is the most important duty of the Property Manager. Property Managers have to check all the credit card History, whereabouts and every detail which should be known to Property Managers, if any worse case situation arises. Every tenant’s identity with their members of family should be well checked.


      3. Collecting & Adjusting Rents




Property Manager duties include collecting rents. Apart, from collecting rents, lease management is also a part which is outsourced by the owners to Property Manager.

Property Manager duties are to talk to the tenants regarding strict deadlines, after deadline penalties and a rental rate, which is known only when one has a good knowledge of the market in real estate or property. Property Managers duties are to offer a price to tenants which should be attractive enough for the tenants as well as make a good profit to property owners.


      4. Property Maintenance & Security

In this checklist of Property Manager duties, it is the property manager’s duty to maintain property in every respect i.e., investigating and resolving tenants complaints. If the property needs any kind of renovation, then it is Property Manager’s duty to be done. When the property is in a snowy area, it is his duty to make that property livable.

In the property manager duties list, there comes a very important duty from the standpoint of the tenant, namely “Security”. There are numerous ways to enhance the security, like-

  • By providing proper security guards.
  • By providing proper fencing wire.
  • Setting a set of policies by which security is increased.


A good security will make tenants retain at the property and these things will make good traction for the property, so, this should be prioritized the most amongst property manager duties list.

      5. Enforcing Landlord- Tenant laws




In the Property Manager duties checklist, it is his duty to be updated with the Landlord- tenant laws. Screening of tenants, taking care of deposits done by tenants, lease related formalities everything should be known to Property managers.

Property Manager duties must be performed by Property Manager because he is representative of the property owner, so lastly he has to answer, if anything goes different from the usual. And the tenants should contact him, as the following remaining points are also Property Manager Duties.

  • Maintenance of the Property– In case of need.
  • Overall Supervision
  • Organized cleaning before move in to the property
  • Handling Complaints

There are many Property Management companies in Las Vegas, which take care of each and every duty. Tenants should first study Property Manager duties and then deal with property managers accordingly.