Four Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Las Vegas Property Manager
17 November 2020

Four Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Las Vegas Property Manager

Owning a rental property in Las Vegas can be a valuable asset that provides a consistent ROI . But if the asset is mismanaged, the value of your investment will only depreciate. If you own
multiple rental properties and are too busy to manage all of them yourself, hiring a property manager in Las Vegas may be a wise decision. In order to find a reliable one, you should know
what questions to ask to help you narrow your decisions.

Here are a few important questions you need to ask the potential candidate before hiring them.

1. What is your experience dealing with troublesome tenants?

A great deal of managing a rental property is about managing tenants. Some are easy to handle: They keep the property clean and do not create a nuisance for neighbors. Other tenants may be a
bit more difficult: stop paying rent on time, poor maintenance of the property, and a nuisance to everyone. The property manager you hire must be able to deal with different kinds of people and
situations calmly and professionally. Asking this question can bring you some insight into what kind of property manager they are and how they deal with different situations. 

2. How will you maintain regular rent?

Tenants are mostly temporary; they come and go. Skilled property managers must have their eye on the ball. If a tenant is set to leave on short notice, or no notice at all, the manager must be able
to leverage their connections and get another responsible tenant to occupy the unit as quickly as possible. They should also be advertising properties well in advance before the lease ends. This
helps to ensure that you receive a regular cash flow from your property and that your investment is paying you back on a regular basis. 

3. Can you develop vendor relationships or do you have them already?

No matter how well a tenant takes care of the property, the chances are that the odd maintenance issue will pop up: A leaky faucet, faulty lighting, a creaking cabinet. A Las Vegas property
manager needs to take care of these issues right away. This is when their ability to develop and maintain relations with local maintenance vendors can help save a lot of time and money as well.
The relation will help the manager receive the best rates, which will only create a better impression on the tenant, and maximize your property.

4. How will you communicate with me?

It is vital that you establish a primary mode of communication with your property manager. It could be via phone, mail, or instant messaging. The communication will help you keep a regular tab on your properties and the cash inflow from them. The manager also needs to get a hold of you if there an urgent issue arises. In the early stages of your agreement, establish the mode of communication that will work for both of you.  

In Conclusion

A responsible property manager will help ensure that your rental property is in good shape. It is important to hire someone that will get the job done without reoccurring issues. If you are
looking for help with your property management needs, we are ready to help you here at Liberty Management. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation! 

An easier way to take care of all of this would be to let Triumph manage your rental properties for you. Get in touch with us today if you have any questions or want to maximize your vacation
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