21 July 2015

Why You Should Use A Property Management Company

Why You Should Use A Property Management Company in the First Place
Do you have investment properties in Las Vegas? Then think about the times when you needed to deal with a maintenance issue over the weekend – that is, if your property had a tenant at the time!

Property management companies, like Triumph Property Management, specialize in the maintenance and supervision of rental properties. Whether it’s late at night or while you’re out of town, these companies look after your investments to assure a steady stream of income. Angry tenants can quickly become ex-tenants, which means no income.. and that’s one major reason why you should hire a property management firm.

You want a property manager that maintains a consistent level of excellent service, plus the setup is great for first-time investors who are just trying to get involved in property investing. For a reasonable percentage of the monthly rent, a property management firm will supervise your investments and take care of any details – and you don’t need to be around your properties at all!

One thing that may surprise people is how a property management company, like Triumph, needs to be thoroughly involved with licenses and associations to be qualified in the state of Nevada. Property management firms typically need to have a real estate broker’s license, as well as certification from the Commission for Common Interest Communities (http://red.state.nv.us/cic/commission_info.htm). Other permits and licenses are subject to various requirements, which can be a problem if you are trying to manage your own investment properties.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to hire Triumph Property Management to take care of all those details, without the late night hassle of emergency repairs or the concern about real estate licensing? Plenty of other clients enjoy the benefits.. so should you!

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