7 Reasons Why Tenants Move Out of a Rental
11 October 2022

7 Reasons Why Tenants Move Out of a Rental

If you’ve ever owned a rental property, you know how difficult it can be to please tenants. We all want to keep our tenants happy and make sure they stay put, but the reality is that many of them move out. There are several reasons tenants move out. Here are seven of the most common ones I’ve seen over the years:

The Rental Property is Not as Advertised

Many rental properties look better in pictures than it does on-site, and here are some examples:

  • The property is not as advertised
  • It’s not as described
  • The tenant finds that it’s not what they expected

This reason for moving out was the top reason for tenants to move out of a rental property. This will result in tenants leaving sooner than later.

Maintenance Issues

Of all the issues a rental property could have, this one is often the hardest to spot. Some maintenance issues are only apparent after a month or more after moving in.

  • Tenants may move out because they are not getting the repairs done that they need.
  • They may also be upset with how long it takes to get the repairs done.
  • In some cases, a tenant will have to wait for a month or more before a problem is fixed. When this happens, you should be prepared for them to move out on short notice and without warning.
middle age man holding screwdriver at new home pointing with finger up and angry expression

If you are a tenant, watch out for hidden maintenance costs

Neighbors Are a Problem

If you’ve ever felt like your neighbors were a problem, it’s because they probably were. Maybe they were too noisy, or their pets were always getting out and causing problems. Perhaps it was their yard maintenance that got to be too much for you.

Maybe they parked in front of your driveway every day and made it impossible for you to get out of the house. Perhaps they did nothing and just drove everyone nuts with how they looked at their property or how unkempt it was. Whether it’s renting an apartment or a house, many tenants choose to move out because of neighbors who bother them on an ongoing basis.

There’s also another reason why tenants move out because of neighbors: property value!

In most places with expensive houses near cheaper ones, investors will buy affordable properties and flip them into more expensive ones. This can drive down home values across entire neighborhoods if enough people leave due to higher rents being charged by landlords who have bought up nearby homes as investments so that investors can cash in later when prices go back again after a market correction (which happens every few years).

The Cost Becomes Too Much

You may have heard that rents are rising. In some areas, they are rising, but other factors impact rent prices. For example, if your landlord raises your rent to keep up with inflation and other costs, then it’s not fair to say that you’re being overcharged. Finding a rental can be challenging, and finances are one of the biggest reasons for this.

Rising rents aren’t the only reason why tenants move out of rental properties. When you look at the numbers, it becomes clear why renters would want to move on:

  • Rent increases aren’t keeping up with inflation or income growth in most cities across the United States.
  • Inflation also happens in other parts of life (like groceries). So when you consider all these factors together, it makes sense why someone would choose not to pay more than what was agreed upon beforehand, especially if there’s no guarantee about what will happen next year when their lease ends again…

High rents and unsafe neighborhoods are the biggest reasons why tenants move out

The Area Has Poor Safety and Security

Local crime rates, the number of police officers in the area, traffic safety, and public transportation access all affect your tenants’ perception of safety. Moving out as quickly as possible is more than common in this situation. A high crime rate and lack of neighborhood security can be why tenants would do this in a hurry.

If you have a high crime rate or lack trustworthy law enforcement officers, keeping your tenants feeling safe in their homes can be difficult. This is especially true if they’re young families with children who need to attend school nearby.

The Inconvenience of The Location

If we’re honest – location is everything. If you live in the right place, you walk to work, shop for groceries across the street, and go out for entertainment in the neighborhood. You don’t even have to think about getting around town because it feels like everything is within walking distance from your home.

However, what happens when your tenant moves into an apartment complex where all of those things are inconvenient? The tenant may start to complain about how far away things are from their new place, which will lead them to consider moving out as soon as possible.

Young happy couple came to an agreement with their landlord

Good communication with the landlord is the key to solving rent problems.

A Landlord Who is a Problem

The reason why tenants move out of their rental homes is that the landlord does not perform his duties as expected. This can be attributed to several reasons, but one thing that should be avoided at all costs is a landlord who is not communicative with you.

If you are renting from someone who does not respond to maintenance issues and does not take care of tenant needs, there’s a high chance you will leave this place sooner than later. In this situation, experts from teddymoving.com suggest looking for professional assistance. Moving out last minute can be stressful, which is why you will need all the help you can get.


If you’re a landlord, you must communicate regularly with your tenants. If they are having problems with the property, let them know what steps you will take to address those issues. Also, ask them if there is anything else that could be done to make them happier in their home.

Lastly, if the tenant has decided to move out because of one of these reasons, try not to take it personally. After all, this is business, and sometimes things don’t work out as planned. Hopefully, our list helped shed some light on why these situations occur for both parties involved.