21 July 2015


Commercial property management, also known as commercial real estate management, includes all aspects of successfully running and maintaining income properties. Commercial properties include residential communities, retail operations, office buildings, industrial buildings, and recreational facilities. The services a commercial property management company can range from janitorial services to infrastructure maintenance and repair. They can also address such issues as advertising vacancies, screening and selecting qualified tenants, rent collection, eviction proceedings, grounds maintenance, building upkeep and repair, and servicing recreational facilities. Commercial property managers can also provide detailed analyses of your income and expenditures.

Who uses the services of a commercial property management company? Real estate investors who live in a different area from their properties find it impractical to provide adequate management of their investments. Owners who live closer to their properties may not have the time, experience, equipment, or the inclination to handle the day-to-day operations of income producing real estate. Real estate investments need proper care to retain their value, and commercial property management companies are equipped to handle property operations.

How does one select a management company? The best way to select a qualified commercial property management firm is by asking for referrals. Realtors are a good source of information, as are acquaintances who have their own investment real estate holdings. One should check with the Better Business Bureau. Local on-line company review sites can be very informative. Suggested sites include Yelp, Bing Local, Local Yahoo, Local Google, Ask City, and Superpages, although there are many others.

When it is time for you to hire a commercial property management firm in the Las Vegas area, consider Triumph Property Management. We are leaders in the property management field and can provide you with the services you need and at prices suitable for your budget.

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