21 July 2015


Triumph Property Management offers a comprehensive list of services to suit the needs of the individual property investor or those of established real estate investment firms. We are considered leaders in the property management industry for the greater Las Vegas, Nevada area. We manage properties ranging from single family homes, apartments, and condos to multi-unit residential complexes. Our clients can choose exactly the services they need now, with the assurance of knowing that we can provide the services they may need in future. As our clients grow their investments, we can offer the help they need to keep pace with that growth.

Our leasing plans include a comprehensive marketing program that attracts qualified renters. We know how to price rental property to make it competitive in the marketplace. Our years of experience have taught us how to prepare leasing agreements that are carefully crafted to protect our clients. We thoroughly screen each applicant before extending the opportunity to lease from our customers. Our qualifying background checks include criminal records, credit reports, and income & employment verification.

Triumph Property Management can manage all tenant financial issues. For your convenience, our leasing service can include the collection and retention of security deposits, rent collection, automatic rent deposit options, late payment collection and fees, offering strategically planned lease renewals, and managing eviction notices and tenant lock-outs, if necessary. We are current on all state and local laws regarding tenant and landlord rights. Our leasing agreements are always current and are written to protect our clients to their fullest legal advantage. We implement risk mitigation policies to minimize owner liability issues, as well as to protect real estate assets.

To learn more about all of our leasing services, as well our full range of property management services, contact Triumph Property Management today. Learn why we are the number one choice for residential property management in the greater Las Vegas, Nevada area.

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