25 October 2016

Moving from California to Las Vegas? Here’s What You Need to Know

There’s nothing like moving to an exotic, enticing and exciting location. More and more people from California are making that precise move, with many now appreciating the many advantages that come with relocation to Las Vegas.

If you’re thinking about moving from California to Las Vegas, there are several things you need to bear in mind – some of which we explore over the course of this blog. Yet time is of the essence, particularly as property prices are on the rise in the City of Lights.

Though property prices are rising, they are doing so at a steady pace – so there’s no immediate rush in that regard. Moreover, property prices in Las Vegas, particularly for high-end properties, are appreciably lower than the national average.

Coupled with the exorbitant prices of Californian property, and the taxes that go with it, it’s not difficult to see why people are deciding to move away to Las Vegas. So, what is it about Las Vegas that continues to attract more and more people?

Moving from California to Las Vegas

Let’s explore five of the main reasons…

Firstthe environment. One of the most striking things about Las Vegas is, of course, its scenic natural surroundings. Nestled within the splendid Mojave Desert and blessed with exceptional weather all-year round, Las Vegas is a step-up from the mild weather of California.

Secondthe state of the property market. Since the recession, people have been moving from California to Las Vegas. Property prices are lower. Taxes are lower. Simply put, Las Vegas is more affordable for the average American – more than it ever was. And this is no less true for luxury homes – offering the very best at more modest prices than the national average.

Thirdentertainment and culture. Though Las Vegas is often dubbed the Entertainment Capital of the World (and that, it is), it’s important not to overlook the many cultural attractions that the city provides. In other words, the city has something for everyone.

Fourthlocation, location, location. Moving from California to Las Vegas opens enormous transport opportunities. Not only are you a short commute away from the Golden State, but you’re also exposed to the many travel opportunities to the east and beyond.

Fiftha family-oriented city. Las Vegas is often thought of in terms of tourism, gambling, and the excesses of sin. This is a limited portrayal of the city as Las Vegas is a city packed with excellent schools, attractions, and amenities to cater for the needs of every family.

Final thoughts

Moving from California to Las Vegas is becoming more and more popular.

Property prices – whether standard homes or luxury homes – are lower than the national average. The city itself has enormous appeal – whether in terms of weather, environment, entertainment, culture, or amenities – offering the very best for everyone to make the most of their circumstances.

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