Make Your Garage Organized Using These Simple Tricks
17 November 2020

Make Your Garage Organized Using These Simple Tricks

Do you sometimes find yourself lacking storage space, and your garage seems like the only viable option? After all, almost everyone uses their garage for this purpose. And while the idea is great, usually, the garage gets unorganized reasonably quickly. Luckily, you can avoid this issue by taking advantage of these simple tricks.

Let’s get down to it!

Separate useful from the useless and get things organized

To get started, you should approach your garage like it’s spring cleaning time. Get rid of the useless things that are only taking up space.

Once you’ve done that, we recommend sorting everything into groups. This means keeping sports equipment with sports equipment and tools with tools since items that ought to be used together should be stored together.

Get things off the floor 

We believe that the key to garage storage is getting things off the floor. Taking advantage of wall space enables you to fit many things into your garage while still staying organized.

There are many wall storage space types. These are just our personal favorite ones:

Closed cabinetry

This option is the most useful one if you’re planning to park your car in your garage since closed storage means not having to come face-to-face with garbage bags or paint cans every time you drive your car in or out of the garage.

Open shelving

This type of storage is also very popular since it keeps everything in plain sight, and it’s one of the most used options among many homeowners.

Don’t forget to look up

The ceiling provides an ideal garage storage space for certain infrequently used items. These items, such as seasonal gear and ladders, can be hung by clips or straps fastened to the ceiling joists.

One thing to keep in mind is to ensure that ceiling storage must be oriented in a way that it doesn’t interfere with the operation of the garage door.

Tips to ensure maximum safety 

Although the garage is a fantastic place to store your belongings, you mustn’t forget about safety. It may seem obvious, but it is so important we believe it’s worth mentioning.

It is unsafe to store propane or gasoline in your garage since a single spark could lead to a tragedy.

Likewise, it is crucial to keep all hazardous materials like pesticides away from them if you have children or pets.


The garage is a fantastic place to store your belongings. After reading our article, you have all the necessary information about garage storage, organization, and taking advantage of each space it provides.

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