How to clean the roof

Keeping the roof clean and free of debris can save you expensive roof repair costs. Basic roof maintenance is simple – Here are some roof cleaning suggestions:

  • Bleach, vinegar, various cleaning products, or commercial cleaning services can be used for cleaning
  • Pay special attention to the shady section of the roof – an ideal place for algae and moss to grow
  • In the dry season of summer, keep the roof clean and free of dirt and dry rot to reduce the risk of fire

Roof Maintenance & Care Tips

While most homeowners can do a certain amount of roof maintenance themselves, many roof maintenance tasks are best performed by experienced, licensed professionals. Home improvement roofers may be unfamiliar with the dangers of climbing ladders and walking around on the roof, and roof repair experts may be more likely to spot signs of problems.

The first step is verification. Ideally, it should be checked twice a year in the spring and fall. Look for shingles that are missing, cracked, warped, or lost their protective coating. You should also check the roof for signs of rust, moss, lichen, and other vegetation.

There are many ways to remove moss, which can damage roofing materials.

  • Remove manually with a long-handled broom or brush
  • Blasting with an electric washing machine – although doing so can damage the asphalt shingles and lead to further roof repairs
  • Apply chemical treatment, be sure to choose one specially developed for the roof. Some harsh chemicals can also damage the roofing material.

You can also see the need for roof maintenance in the house. If you find leaks, mold, or dark spots on the ceiling, it’s time for a thorough roof inspection. Peeling paint near the roofline outside the house is another sign that you may need to fix the roofing material to fix the leak. Solving these problems promptly is key to minimizing damage and costs.

It is also advisable to check the roof for damage after a severe thunderstorm or hail. If you choose to have a professional inspection in bad weather, please look for a reliable company.