A private hot tub or swimming pool is ideal for any family. Not only is it a great place for family fun, relaxation, and entertainment, but it can even increase the resale value of your home. However, the hot tub and pool require additional maintenance. These tasks may seem daunting, but we offer some basic tips on maintaining swimming pools and spas.

Maintenance of the hot tub at home

1. Drain the hot tub water and replace it

Hot tubs and family pools are usually smaller than ordinary swimming pools. A smaller size means less space for the water to circulate so that it can stagnate. To avoid stagnant water problems such as annoying mosquitoes and excess algae, drain and replace the hot spring water every 60-90 days. Other signs such as an unpleasant smell or muddy, frothy water also indicate that it is time to freshen up the hot tub water.

2. Clean the hot tub

Make sure you clean the inside of the hot tub regularly. Clean it about once a week and do a thorough cleaning every time the water heater is drained. If your hot tub is outdoors, watch out for debris such as broken leaves.

Don’t forget the outside of the hot tub. When it comes to hot tub maintenance, many people tend to focus more on the inside, and the outside contents are important too! Scrub the shell regularly to keep the spa hygienic.

3. Clean the filter

A clean filter can keep the rest of the hot tub in its original operating condition, which is very helpful. When you empty the hot water tank for a thorough cleaning, put the filter in a chemical cleaner. You can regularly remove the filter and quickly rinse it off with a garden hose between these soaks.

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5. Check the pH level regularly

Don’t forget to check the hot tub’s pH. The appropriate pH will vary. Therefore, please read your user manual to keep the spa contents within the manufacturer’s recommended range. Too high a pH can cause calcium buildup, while too low a pH can cause eye and skin irritation. By adjusting the pH, you can comfortably use the hot tub all year round.

6. Check your coverage

Broken or soaked spa kits can contain harmful microorganisms that can pollute your hot spa water. Make sure that the heater’s lid is in good condition and replace it if necessary. Maintaining proper coverage of the hot water tank will also prevent harmful residue from getting into the bathtub, which will keep the water in good condition.

 Tips for maintaining the swimming pool

Just like using a hot tub, a personal pool requires regular maintenance. Check out these pool maintenance techniques to keep the pool in good condition.

  1. Prevent dirt from entering the pool
    Unlike a hot tub or spa, your pool only needs to be drained once every few years. This increases the need to ensure that the water is free of debris through regular maintenance. Use five minutes to cleanse the pool water and remove leaves, bugs, and other debris for your pool filter to work effectively. A working pool filter must be used to keep pool water clean and usable. When removing debris, check the area around the pool. Cracked patio tiles and loose stones can fall into the pool or pose a hazard to your friends and family.
  2. Clean the filter
    Pool filters are different, and the cleaning methods are also different. Refer to the instruction manual for specific instructions on cleaning the filter.
    Typically, this task includes turning off pool equipment and emptying the filter basket. You will also need to filter the pipe from time to time. Usually, you can filter by setting the filter to the backwash setting. Please refer to your user manual for more information.
  3. Maintain the pool’s pH
    Maintaining the Pool’s PH is also very essential. In hot weather, you can enjoy the pool for hours. If you ensure the correct pH level, you and your loved ones will be safe while swimming. If the pool’s pH is not balanced, your water can look cloudy, your eyes and skin become inflamed. A properly balanced pool should be clean, odorless, and free from irritation.
  4. Maintain the water level in the pool
    After a long afternoon in the pool, the water level can be below normal. When it drops below half your skimmer opening, it’s time to replace the water. Use a garden hose to fill the pool until the water level rises to at least half the skimmer’s opening.