Maintenance - Oven Tips - Triumph Property Management

Caring for the oven should be as easy as the cake that will be made later from it.

While this isn’t the most complicated piece of equipment in the home, the oven and range are the two most important ones. However, by properly and regularly maintaining these important kitchen components (including filters, fans, burners, and grate), you can avoid expensive maintenance costs in the future and extend the oven’s lifespan.

It all starts with regular and proper cleaning of the cooking system to prevent dangerous grease from catching on fire and improve operational efficiency. After that, follow the following suggestions for maintaining the oven and range

Maintaining the electric range/oven

The following are the basic maintenance tips for your range/oven:

  • Keep the hood and fan/filter clean.
  • They absorb oil and moisture from your kitchen and need to be cleaned regularly. Do not use abrasive pads or powder to clean exposed metal. You can use a properly mixed ammonia and water solution to clean grease and dirt. Before reinstalling, the filter and parts must be dried.
  • A filter may need to be replaced, not just cleaned.
  • Check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning / replacing and cleaning the fan.
  • Clean the oven according to the instruction of the manufacturer.

Maintaining the gas range/oven

  • If gas is present, periodically clean the burner and the ovens with hot water and detergent.
  • Do not use decontamination powders as they will clog the burner holes. Instead, use hardwire to clear the burner hole.
  • Never use anything that could get into the burner hole, such as toothpicks.

If your oven or range stopped working, as with any system or device, before calling HWA for repairs, check whether the fuse has blown, whether the circuit breaker has tripped and whether the power supply is correct.