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Home hack tips you may not know

From cooking to cleaning to regular maintenance, restructuring the home feels like a never-ending cycle. That’s why we’ve gathered 23 home hacks to make your life comfortable. They are affordable, easy to complete, and potentially save you valuable time and energy.

Hide the Thermostat or Alarm System

Not everyone has the latest smart home devices on their walls, and many thermostats or alarm systems are bulky and outdated. Painting on canvas is the perfect solution. Attaching the hinge to one side of the canvas allows you to cover the thermostat or alarm system with the hollow canvas back while maintaining accessibility. Also, this is another piece to add to your decoration to keep the entire space together.

Use a magazine rack to organize the pan lids and pot

Pot and lids can be difficult to store because they cannot be stacked neatly and take up a ridiculous amount of space. Use vertical wire magazine holders instead to keep them in order. Now you will find that the pot’s right lid is faster, and the risk of a lid avalanche can be minimized.

Use PVC pipes to organize curling irons and hair dryers

The curling irons and hairdryer can get tangled easily. Using hook and loop tape, attach a 5-inch long, 2-inch diameter PVC pipe to the dressing table to make a curling iron. Do the same with a 3-inch long tube 1 1/2 inches in diameter to secure the wires.

Hairdryers may require a 5-inch diameter PVC connector. If you can’t install 5 inch PVC faucets on the dressing table, you can use a free-standing PVC hair dryer stand that can be painted and decorated.

Use Toothpaste to Remove Small Scratches on Furniture

Before decorating furniture, use toothpaste to wipe stains and marks on the wood. Gel-like texture and baking soda content can improve cleaners and scratches. Be sure to rub the toothpaste in the same direction as the wood grain.

Restore white sneakers with baking soda

If you get a tough stain on a pair of white sneakers, baking soda and washing powder can fix it well. Add one part baking soda and 1 1/2 parts washing powder. Use a toothbrush to scrub the outside. Then put them in the washing machine with a small amount of regular detergent.


Use sealing beads to make the carpet slip-resistant

The sliding carpet is an accident waiting to happen. Without spending any money on the rug or pillow, you can achieve the same effect by applying several rows of sealant to the back of the rug. This creates traction and prevents the carpet from moving.

Attach a shoe organizer to the storage room door

The storage room door is often not used. Now, if you hang a shoe organizer on the side of the storage room door, you have handy pockets to keep snacks and other small items, or they will get lost.

Store Excess Paint in Glass Bottles

Old cans of paint tend to dry out, and prying them back out can be a mess, causing the flakes to fall all over the place. At the end of painting, store excess paint in a glass container, e.g., a metal bottle. This makes it easy to pull out the same color for quick cropping in the future.

Stick a paper clip on the top of the roll of tape

Instead of folding the end of the tape to mark where you stopped, place a paper clip on the end. Now you don’t have to cut the folded part anymore. You can reduce wasted paper tape, no longer have to worry about folding, and know exactly where the paper roll starts.

Vanilla Pods will make your home look new

Air fresheners and scented candles are traditional methods that can freshen up your home. However, they may not be ideal for your health and air quality. A simple alternative is to boil a vanilla pod in two cups of water on the stove. This causes the faint aroma of vanilla to spread around your house and smell like freshly baked cookies.

Change the Direction of the Ceiling Fan

In winter, your ceiling fan should spin clockwise. This creates an upward flow of air that pushes the hot air down near the ceiling. However, in summer, you may need to change the direction of the ceiling fan counterclockwise. This pushes the cold air down and creates a wind chill effect.

Hide your spare key in the medicine bottle

The secret has been revealed: thieves and strangers often check spare keys under the flower pots. Instead, hide the spare key in the medicine bottle with a pinecone glued on the end. Then bury it in the pineal gland. When locked out, you know exactly where to pull it out of the ground.

Using Ice Cubes to fix Dents on Carpet

Heavy furniture will weigh the carpet and leave obvious dents. Put ice cubes on the carpet and let it melt for a few hours. The water should swell the pile of carpets. Soak up the excess water and use a coin to lift the fiber.

Drill a small hole in the trash can

Drill a small hole in the bottom of the can to easily remove the trash bag from the can. This will reduce the pressure, create a vacuum-like seal, and allow your bag to glue to the can.

Use a squeegee to remove pet hair from carpets and furniture

A squeegee (the same squeegee you use on a window) can collect more pet hair than a lint roller. Pet hair can be removed from larger surfaces such as furniture and carpets with a single wipe.

Remove the screws with rubber bands

Remove the screws with rubber bands

Photo Credit: This Old House

If there is no metal groove on the screw after loosening the thread, removal will seem hopeless. Place a rubber band between the screw and the screwdriver or drill. You will get the right traction to loosen and swap out the threaded bolts.

Use Shoebox Storage Bottles and Travel Mugs

Sometimes it can be difficult to organize water bottles, cold glasses with straws, travel mugs, and other reusable food and storage containers, especially when each family member has multiple containers. In that case, the shoe organizer on the door is a great way to keep each of your items separate and easy to access.

Use the letter Organizer to store flip flops

Although shoe racks are ideal for shoes, flip flops are often thrown away and lost. The letter organizer allows you to store them together vertically, save space, and keep the pairs together.

Disinfect Small Toys

If your child like to put almost anything in their mouth, it is good to clean the toy regularly. One way to disinfect small toys is to put them all in a mesh laundry bag. The bag can be put directly on the top shelf of the washing machine or dishwasher, and you don’t have to worry about damaging the washing machine or children’s toys.

Use Nail Polish as a DIY Key Cover

Instead of buying a key cover in a different color, it is better to paint the key’s head with a different color of nail polish. Now you can easily identify the key even if you are in a hurry.

Use Pool Noodles to Protect Your Car

If you have a garage, opening the door and trunk can peel the paint off or dent the vehicle if you bump into the garage wall or roof. Cut the pool in half or cut the noodles in half and paste into the garage’s key area. This prevents accidental driving to the garage.

Use a hot glue gun to create a non-slip hanger

Tired of clothes sliding off hangers? Instead of buying a non-slip hanger, try putting a layer of hot melt glue on each side of the hanger. Let the beads cool, and you will have a non-slip hanger to keep clothes from slipping off.


Dispose your trash neatly

Use the citrus peel to remove food odors when disposing of garbage. If you run water under medium pressure, add orange or lemon peel. Natural citric acid can help soften hard water, attack odor-causing bacteria, and keep your sink smelling fresh.

In the long run, these home hack skills can save you thousands of dollars.