In winter, heating maintenance is on everyone’s lips. Here are powerful tips for maintaining the heater:

  • Do a little preventative maintenance to avoid problems. Every year, service your heating system to ensure safety and efficiency.
  • Use a clean filter to keep the air clean. Replace the filter periodically according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Clean pipes and ventilation slots. To improve the system’s efficiency and longevity and purify the air in the home, please clean the duct system professionally, especially if you see dirt, insects, and other obstacles.

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Maintenance of the Heating System

When the cold season arrives, one of the most essential items in your house is the heater.

The annual maintenance of your furnace by professionals helps to improve efficiency and safety. If you arrange for regular air conditioning and heating system maintenance before the onset of winter, you can be sure that you will have a warm and comfortable home in cold weather.

Many homeowners keep the heating system in good condition themselves without calling a professional. Regular maintenance makes your home comfortable, the heating system works safely and efficiently, and maintenance costs are reduced. Read our top heating system maintenance tips to maintain your heater.

Check the thermostat

Checking the thermostat is a relatively simple maintenance step for the heating system that you can do yourself. Set the thermostat to a few degrees higher than the current room temperature. If your heating system does not start at all, there may be a problem with the thermostat.

When the heater turns on, let it run for a few minutes. If it stays open and blows continuously, this is a good sign. However, if it shuts down very quickly, there may be a problem with the thermostat that requires further professional evaluation.

Clean the ducts

You don’t need to clean the heating system duct frequently, but doing so should be part of heating system maintenance to prevent allergens and dust from building up in the duct.

If you find that the house is getting dustier or someone in the house is allergic when you use the heater, clean the ducts. If symptoms worsen with the heater on, the pipes may need cleaning more frequently.

Brush the inside of the ducts to remove any debris and dust, then vacuum it up. Please be thorough – if you leave scattered dust and dirt behind, it will be blown out the next time the heater is switched on.

Clean the register and grille

This is a relatively simple maintenance task for the heating system. When you need to pick up a tall grille and cash register on a wall or ceiling, a vacuum wand can be a useful tool. You can also wipe it with a towel or damp cloth.

Clean the fan

The convection heater heats the air in the heating unit and then blows it into the entire house. The poor performance of the fan can have a direct impact on the operating condition of the heater. As part of maintaining the heating system, you must periodically clean the fan.

The fan in the convection furnace is usually located behind the moving plate. You may need to unscrew or slide the plate to use the blower. Vacuum and clean all areas of the fan. Finally, wipe the fan with a damp cloth. For more information on cleaning the fan, see the instruction manual.

Change your filter

The filter prevents dirt and dust from entering your furnace.

You should change the filter on the furnace frequently, according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Take a box of filters with you and write the date of installation on the side of the filter for regular replacement. If you find more dust or smoke than usual, replacing the filter can resolve these issues.

Troubleshooting the heating system

If your heating system has a problem (e.g., any system or device), first check that the fuse has blown, that the circuit breaker has tripped, and that there is proper power.