21 July 2015


How do you find a trustworthy, qualified property management firm in the Las Vegas area? How do you find a company that will be financially accountable? What rates are reasonable? What questions do you need to ask to find the right company to protect your real estate holdings? How will a company minimize your risk and maximize the return on your investment?

Here are a few some helpful questions and tips to help you find a reliable Las Vegas property management firm for your real estate holdings.

1. Ask for references from other owners who own multiple properties.

2. Is the company willing and able to generate full and timely accounting reports, which break down exactly how the Broker handles all of the finances?

3. Ask about the firm’s rented to vacancy ratio. In this current market, where demand greatly outstrips availability, the vacancy rate should be very low.

4. How many properties do they handle? What types of properties? Commercial? Residential? Both? Do they have the necessary equipment to handle any problems quickly and inexpensively that arise.

5. What is their tenant turnover rate? What do they charge when they prepare for a new renter? What effect will these charges have on your bottom line revenue?

6. What methods do they use to secure qualified tenants? What is their screening process? How will they promote your property? These are important issues to keep the rate of your occupancy high with well-qualified tenants.

At Triumph Property Management, our highly trained, professional managers work with both residential and commercial properties. We have state-of-the-art computer software, which provides the information you need on your investments. We are a full-service property management firm in Las Vegas and surrounding areas, with more than twenty years of experience. Triumph Property Management has the expertise to provide a high rate of return on your real estate investment, while keeping your property safe and well maintained. We offer our complete package of services at reasonable rates. Call today to find out how Triumph Property Management can help you.

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