25 September 2015

Las Vegas Property Management – How to Get Your Rental Property Ready for fall and winter


By: Triumph Property Management

Fall is here and winter will be coming up fast.

If you own a rental property now is the time for you to get your property ready for fall and winter by following our Las Vegas Property Management tips.

Tip #1 – Check the Heating Unit

Since most Las Vegas rental properties have older boilers and heaters it’s important to not wait until the last minute to have them checked, you should have them checked now and serviced to make sure they are ready for your tenants to start using them once cold weather officially arrives in Las Vegas.

Tip #2 – Clean and Turn All Ceiling Fans on Reverse

Instruct your maintenance team to clean and reverse every ceiling fan in your Las Vegas Rental Property because turning ceiling fans on reverse will create an updraft and then push the air down into the room, and this is especially helpful if you own an older multi-family building because the ceiling fan will circulate the heat efficiently during the cold winter months.

Tip #3 – Inspect All Gutters and Downspouts

Even though we get very little rain each year in Las Vegas it’s still important to check gutters and downspouts because some gutters do wear out quicker than others and it’s important to confirm that your gutters are ready to handle rainfall when it does come.

Tip #4 – Check All Detectors in Your Property

One of the great things about fall is that it’s also a great time to check all smoke or carbon dioxide detectors in your property and replace the batteries because it’s not uncommon for tenants to not replace the batteries in these detectors even when they start chirping to alert the tenant that their batteries need to be replaced.

Tip #5 – Do a Complete Property Cleanup

Hire a gardener to do a complete property cleanup including removing dead flowers, plants or shrubs and replacing with new plants removing any trash or debris from your property.

Tip #6 – Check Your Property for Critter Infestation

Another important thing you should do to get your rental property ready for fall and the winter months is to hire a professional to have your property fully inspected and search for all points where critters or small animals could enter your property.

Tip #7 – Inspect Walkways, Stairs, Railings and Driveways

In Nevada it’s not uncommon to have ice or even the occasional snow flurry in the morning, before these events occur it’s important to make sure that the stairs, driveway, railings and walkways at your rental property are ready for those cold days and safe for your tenants.

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