21 July 2015

How to Make a Great First Impression!

With so many landlords competing for the most qualified tenants, you want your residential property to be especially appealing to attract the best renters. You want to set the tone for a positive experience even before people walk through your doors. With attention to detail, you can make sure that your property impresses visitors before they step out of their cars. Attention to a few details in specific areas will impress prospects and positively influence their decision to rent from you.

As soon as people drive up to your property, they will notice the condition of your landscaping. Poorly manicured lawns, dead bushes, untrimmed trees, and miscellaneous debris will make your property look shabby and uncared for. Barren grounds without any greenery look stark and uninviting. By planting some trees, adding shrubbery, putting in flower beds, hanging baskets of flowers, or installing large potted plants, you will make your grounds much more appealing.

Make sure that the doors to your building or rental office have a fresh coat of paint, a clean doormat, no broken locks, and no trash or mail accumulation. Renters who care about the appearance of their rental community tend to move less frequently and take better care of their rental units.

The minute people walk through your doors, the atmosphere that they encounter will either make them feel welcomed or unimportant. You want your staff to offer a friendly smile and to treat every visitor with courtesy. Your leasing agents or office staff should walk over to personally greet your visitors and shake hands.
Your staff should be dressed professionally. They should be polite to everyone without any prejudgment as to someone be able to meet the qualifications to rent from you.

There are times in a busy office when your employees might be involved in a phone calls and cannot immediately walk over to immediately greet your guests. Make sure they acknowledge people with a smile and indicate that they will be right there. If you don’t have enough staff to handle incoming calls, forward your phone calls to your answering service. Remember, someone in person needs immediate attention. The office should look neat and without piles of paperwork on desktops. You want your business to appear efficient and organized.

Nice furniture, attractive pictures, and plants will make your lobby or waiting area look inviting. Amenities such as beverages, candy, cookies, and dog treats are nice touches. Think of this as though you were entertaining guests. In effect, that is exactly what you are doing.

Have your staff engage in a little chitchat before they get down to business. Then, they should inquire about the needs of the potential tenants in a relaxed manner. As potential tenants state their needs, your leasing agents have their first opportunity to point out the benefits of your residential community.

It is often the little things that are overlooked, but addressing them can make a big difference in how people perceive your rental environment. Keep in mind that you never get another chance to make a good first impression

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