Getting Started in Real Estate in 2022
20 November 2022

Getting Started in Real Estate in 2022


Getting Started in Real Estate in 2022


The real estate sector has demonstrated that it is profitable for those that put in a lot of effort and exercise caution. There are several ways for business owners to profit from an essential asset class in the world, from investors and mortgage brokers to real estate investment trusts (REITs) and landlords. Despite the many options available to aspiring real estate professionals, Realtors and agents command a more significant portion of the public’s attention than their rivals. Being a real estate agent may be a wise option when various macroeconomic headwinds threaten the economy due to the average  agent pay in the United States exceeding $104,451 and the relatively low entry barrier. Learning how to invest in real estate in 2022 could, if nothing else, protect more people from what many analysts refer to as an imminent recession.


There are various stages you must follow if you want to understand how to enter this market in 2022, not the least of which is:


  • Achieve Real Estate Licensing
  • Use A Real Estate Broker
  • Become a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR)
  • Analyze Your Budget & Income
  • A Real Estate Business Plan’s Outline
  • Develop A Marketing Plan
  • Construct A Social Network
  • Discover From A Mentor In Real Estate
  • Continually Build Your Network
  • Further, Improve Your Skills


Achieve Real Estate Licensing

Real estate

Real estate

Obtaining a license is the first concrete step anyone trying to break into the real estate sector should take. To be clear, getting a permit is extremely difficult and should not be taken lightly. Anyone who wants to become a licensed agent must first look to fulfil the qualifications set forth by their state. Check the requirements for the state where you want to practice because each will differ.


To become a licensed agent, however, one must complete a relicensing course, pass any exams, and complete any needed assignments, regardless of the state. The class and subsequent exams will require a significant amount of study time from everyone enrolling. In addition to any application and ongoing costs due to a broker for holding the license in the future, the course and exam will cost money. The truth is that not everyone who requests a real estate license receives one.


Use A Real Estate Broker


Finding a brokerage to work with is the next step after passing the exam and paying the fees to activate the real estate license. Brokerages are companies that have been granted a state license to manage  transactions and guarantee that their licensed agents follow the relevant laws, regulations, and ethical standards. Working with a brokerage often entails several fees, not the least of which are desk fees, technology fees, and customary business expenses. The newly licensed agents will be eligible to receive a portion of the commissions the brokerage receives on the sales they close in return.

Although working with a reputable broker is an investment, brokerage fees can quickly go into the hundreds of dollars per year. You will gain from improved exposure, efficacy, volume, and name recognition with the right brokerage by your side. Brokerages provide licensed agents with all the tools they need to operate legally in their jurisdictions.


Join Realtors National Association (NAR)

real estate

real estate

Anyone learning how to enter the real estate market in 2022 knows they must choose whether or not to become a Realtor. Although “real estate agent” and “Realtor” are often used interchangeably by people outside the industry, there are clear distinctions between the two. Realtors are real estate agents who have chosen to join the National Association of Realtors, even though both are licensed to assist customers in buying and selling.

The National Association of Realtors is the largest trade association in the US, with more than 1.5 million members. While agents make up a sizable component of the NAR, other professionals such as brokers, property managers, appraisers, and salespeople are also eligible to join.


It is optional to join the NAR, which will cost members a recurring charge. However, joining the NAR should be considered an investment, similar to wiring money through a brokerage. There are various benefits to membership that might advance an agent’s career. In addition to significantly enhancing their professional credibility, NAR members will get access to the following:


  • Numerous practical business tools
  • An international membership network
  • Superior research and information
  • Possibilities for development
  • A public documents repository with details on anything from foreclosures to zoning regulations
  • Instance Listing Service 
  • Analyze Your Budget & Income


If you are unsure how to enter the real estate market in 2022, you should assess your spending and income first. Capital is required at the very least to become a licensed agent, join the National Association of Realtors, or launch a real estate company. Aspiring real estate agents will need a strategy to pay for their costs and keep paying the required fees before they can even begin their trip.


Understanding your income is crucial once you have your license and are working. Agents in this industry are not paid. Instead, a commission is typically given to agents. As a result, income fluctuates less than it would with a regular 9 to 5 work. From transaction to transaction, commissions will differ. Therefore budgets should allow for some flexibility.


A Real Estate Business Plan’s Outline

real estate

real estate

A business strategy must be written by everyone who wants to enter the real estate market in 2022. After getting their foot in the door with a license or NAR membership, aspirant real estate professionals must first construct a real estate business plan. A well-thought-out plan will serve as the cornerstone for a prosperous business and give people a direction to follow in trying times.

A real estate business plan is a road map that points entrepreneurs toward success. A business plan, however, is a dynamic, breathing document intended to assist real estate professionals in reaching their full potential. If nothing else, referring to a genuinely excellent business plan will remind  professionals of their goals and the measures they need to take to stay on course for success. That being said, developing a solid plan is the most crucial stage in learning how to get into real estate.

Here is a brief template to use if you do not know how to write a business plan on your own:

Start with an executive summary that provides a general description of the company.

Afterwards, include a section that describes each person’s objectives and how a person will meet anyone else.

  • Perform a market study to show knowledge and skill
  • Describe each position in the organization and who will hold each one.
  • Briefly describe the company’s goods and services.
  • Describe the proposed marketing approach for each business aspect.
  • Although not all-inclusive, this list is a decent place to start. 
  • Time spent outlining a person will appreciate these topics for new real estate professionals in the long run.


Develop A Marketing Plan

real estate

real estate

Housing industry specialists must wear numerous hats to understand how to enter the real estate market. Marketing is among the most crucial talents to enter the real estate industry. Therefore, if young professionals want to work in the industry for an extended time, they must develop and implement a solid marketing plan. A solid marketing funnel will, at the very least, result in ongoing commercial opportunities throughout a person’s career.

Any successful real estate professional’s marketing strategy is their foundation, and nothing generates more business than a marketing funnel chock full of fantastic chances. Marketing is, however, easier said than done. Real estate agents need a strategy similar to the following 10-step marketing strategy to be successful, at least in part:

Choose a target market and the most effective means of reaching it.

Create a message that the intended audience will be open to

Examine the tactics used by the competitors and contrast them with your marketing strategy.

Discover what makes you unique from the competition and make the most of it.

Create a budget to implement your marketing strategy.

Choose the distribution method while keeping the budget in mind.

Establish benchmarks to gauge your success.

Make a schedule to stay on time.

Track metrics to identify areas for improvement. Always be willing to change a strategy and iterate as necessary.


Construct A Social Network


Once more, if you want to enter into real estate, you need a solid marketing plan. New professionals will quickly discover that maintaining a steady supply of possibilities is one of the finest ways to achieve success. Not all marketing tactics, however, are created equal; some are intrinsically superior and more effective than others. Building a social network is one of the finest strategies to market in the this sector.

With just one click of a mouse, social media gives agents access to hundreds, if not millions, of visitors. It also speaks directly to the largest demographic of buyers today: millennials. Most American purchasers in their prime home-buying years are millennials who are already active on social media. Building a professional social media network is, therefore, one of the most effective and economical ways to reach the largest audience.

The finest platforms available now are those for real estate professionals to establish a social presence:

Facebook \LinkedIn \Twitter \Instagram \Pinterest

‘Tik Tok’

Although not the only social networking sites, these account for most daily active users. Real estate professionals should establish a following on each platform mentioned above.


Discover From A Mentor In Real Estate


Although having a real estate mentor is not necessary, getting advice from someone who has already achieved the goal you aspire to in the future is priceless. With the aid of a mentor, newbies to the housing market can simultaneously reduce risk and hasten success rather than going through the trials and tribulations that have come to be associated with beginning a career in the this industry.

The simplest definition of a mentor is a teacher eager to share their knowledge with a student. But at their best, mentors lay the groundwork required for new real estate professionals to excel and advance. It is more advantageous to learn from a successful expert who understands how to translate their knowledge into practical advice than reading a book or watching a video. All sources of instruction are beneficial, but you might learn more with a daily interaction partner.

But let us be clear: mentors are only as excellent as the pupils they instruct. New professionals must be open to learning from a mentor for the process to be effective. Competitive advantage will go to those enthusiastic and willing to learn from an experienced professional how to enter the real estate market.


Continually Build Your Real Estate Network

real estate

real estate

The business of real estate has always been and always will be about people. To that end, a carefully chosen network is one of the best resources available to a estate agent. There is a case to be made that networking has the most significant impact on your company; after all, it is more about who you know than what you know. In the real estate sector, there is nothing you can not accomplish with the appropriate network by your side.


Among the advantages of building a robust real estate network are, but are not restricted to:

Strong connections may lead to a more outstanding education or additional job chances.

Collaboration that could lead to fresh concepts and methods


A solid reputation that will advance your position in the field and pave the way for new opportunities in the future

A real estate investment network may offer new employment opportunities, professional development, and personal progress.

A strong network may offer new professionals the assistance they need to succeed.


Further, Improve Your Skills


A person studying how to enter the real estate industry must first understand that ambition is a benefit. New professionals must be motivated to advance their existing skill set if they want to have a long career in the housing industry. The industry is, at the very least, constantly changing. The most effective methods and techniques are continually evolving, from laws to best practices. As a result, learning something new and moving on is insufficient; you must constantly improve your abilities. By doing this, you will stay current with the best in the field and may even get an advantage over your rivals.


Professionals in the real estate industry should recall their initial impressions of the sector. In particular, there should be a constant desire to learn. No matter how much experience they have, agents must constantly work to increase their education since, in reality, it does. Anybody can derail a successful real estate career faster than anyone is ready to admit by complacency. If you want to reach your full potential, you must work to expand your industry expertise rather than letting your success stand still.




Learning how to enter this market may initially appear frightening. After all, there are many things to know before you even begin. The process becomes considerably less intimidating when divided into simple steps. The ten actions listed above should serve as an excellent place to start for prospective real estate professionals, while there is always more that can be done.


Are you prepared to start utilizing the current real estate market opportunities?

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