21 July 2015

Does Your Property Management Company Support Your Brand?

When you hire a property management company in Las Vegas to represent your business, everything that they do either supports or detracts from your brand. Their offices and personnel are an extension of your business. They are the first point of contact for anyone interested in your rentals. Is your management company projecting an image that is consistent with your brand? Are your visitors getting a good first impression? Your property management company should project a professional image at all times as part of your brand management.

Usually the first point of interaction is by an email information request or a phone call. The rental agents may work in an office located on the your property. Perhaps they only meet potential tenants at the exact locations of available vacancies. Regardless of how the first personal interaction occurs, your property management company should always act in a manner that is polite, unhurried, and friendly. Phone calls and emails should be answered promptly, and message need perfect spelling and grammar. Agents should greet people as soon as they arrive. The rental specialists should be thoroughly knowledgeable about your available properties, and they need to know the terms of your lease agreements.

One’s personal appearance makes a meaningful and lasting impression. Office personnel and showing agents should be dressed professionally, well groomed, not smelling of cigarette smoke or heavy food odors, and not chewing gum. If rental agents will be driving prospects to view properties, they need to have clean cars – inside and out.
When people arrive at your property management office, the exterior of your building should be clear of trash, well painted, and with plants or flowers if possible. The interior offices should appear neat and clean. There should be comfortable chairs for visitors. Desks should not have overflowing inboxes. You do not want your management company to give the impression that people are unable to keep up with their workloads. The walls need to be clean of scuff marks and tastefully decorated. If your property entrance or management offices are not well cared for, prospects will assume that your rentals will not be properly maintained either.
Your Las Vegas property management company is in effect “selling” your business. Their behavior and appearance will either carry the message that your business is professional and gives top quality service or the message that you have a poorly run business and are unconcerned about your tenants. Make sure you hire a property management company that will project a positive image and support your brand identity.

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