Triumph Property Management is a full-service real estate company in the center of the Las Vegas valley.

With over 10 years’ local experience, coupled with a specialist concierge service, the team at Triumph is dedicated to the delivery of premium real estate service. Triumph has rapidly emerged, then, as one of the leading property management companies in Las Vegas.

Triumph was founded in 2006 by Kamyar Zargari (pictured), a firm that specializes in all aspects of residential real estate in Las Vegas. Mr. Zargari is a graduate of the University of Los Angeles where he received his BS in Psychobiology. It is this education that fostered the attention-to-detail and results-oriented attitude that now defines the professional ethic of Triumph.

Kamyar Zargari, Founder of Triumph Property Management
Kamyar Zargari, Founder of Triumph Property Management

Whether consulting with clients, staging homes, chatting with attorneys, negotiating contracts, reading over home inspection reports, or passing keys over to ecstatic new home owners – each day comes with new tasks, new challenges, and new connections – something Kamyar and his dedicated team continue to embrace.

Triumph Property Management is also accredited in A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Kamyar works with a highly-respected team of experienced real estate professionals; a passionate team that work together to deliver real and meaningful results for clients. This collaborative spirit is a watermark that runs through the many outstanding services that Triumph offers. We hope that you get to experience that value that our service can provide to you.