21 July 2015


While tenant complains are inevitable, landlords and property managers can take a number of proactive measures to avoid many common problems. For those problems that can’t be avoided, prompt response in addressing issues can keep complaints from escalating. Complaints about a property can result in negative online reviews and a blackened company reputation, but renter complaints can actually be very useful in determining if a property is being maintained properly. Tenants will know the condition of your facilities often before you or your management team. Here are 8 tips to help you avoid and handle complaints.

1) Make sure that your tenant expectations are addressed at the time of the signing of the lease. This is where the responsibilities of the tenant must be presented clearly, as well as the responsibilities of the property caretakers.

2) Don’t delay on typical maintenance for buildings, their mechanics, and the grounds, including maintaining attractive curb appeal. Avoid problems before they can arise.

3) Invest in upgrading appliances and other amenities, such as community rooms and exercise facilities and building appearance.

4) Solicit tenant input and suggest that they post online reviews. This is an excellent way to determine if there are any unresolved issues or dissatisfactions, as well as the areas that tenants are pleased with.

5) Make certain that the condition of the dwelling or commercial building is carefully recorded before the tenant takes possession. Create a document listing any preexisting conditions and damage. This document needs to be signed by both the you or your property representative and the renter before the lease is signed. Take photos if necessary.

6) Respond promptly to any tenant complaints. Explain if there will be any delays in addressing the problems, such as waiting for repair materials to arrive in order to complete the job.

7) Leave an electronic or paper trail. Use email mails and paper documents to respond to complaints.

8) Make certain that all interactions with your tenants are positive and supportive. Make it clear that you take their complaints seriously and that you will take corrective action as soon as possible to rectify any unsatisfactory situations.

Through good communication, preemptive measures, and prompt respond,tenant complains can be avoided or resolved for renter satisfaction. Tenants who feel that management cares about their property problems feel more positive about their landlords and rentals. Happy tenants stay longer, thereby reducing turnover and improving cash flow. Your tenants can also offer valuable information about the state of your property, which can help you to avoid major expenses in the future. By following these tips, you can keep your tenants happy and complaints to a minimum.

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