5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog in a Rental
21 August 2021

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog in a Rental

Having to care for a pet is wonderful and rewarding, but needing to move your home while owning one can be challenging. Some landlords are very skeptical when it comes to renting a property to a dog owner. That is why we came up with 5 tips for taking care of your dog in a rental and making sure you keep your landlord satisfied.

1.  Take time to research.

Finding the best rental for you and your dog might require some thorough research. Just finding a landlord that will accept your pet is not enough. You need to find the perfect home where you and your pet will be happy together.

Search for the best location for your new home and look for pet-friendly neighborhoods. Having a dog park nearby is a big plus. You can be sure you will have a place where you can walk your dog, and they will have a place to make new friends.

Also, check if you have a veterinarian near your home and pet shops. You will need constant supplies and periodic check-ups at the vet. Having a dog is a big responsibility and making sure they stay happy and healthy is very important.

2.  Talk openly to your landlord when moving.

Never try to hide your pet from a landlord. You can get into serious trouble. Avoid problems during a relocation by talking openly about moving in with your dog. People will always appreciate honesty. You will gain your landlord’s trust and ensure that you will have good collaboration.

Moreover, put everything on paper and expect extra costs for owning a dog. Eventual accidents need to be covered, and you need to assume responsibility for them.

Next, introduce your dog to your landlord. Your pet might even convince the owner of your new home that he can behave. Also, gather good background information from previous landlords. If you have lived with your dog in a rental before, ask your previous landlords for references. It will help you get approved easily.

Finally, always have proof papers for your dog. All the vaccines they took and their general health state could be some of the things your landlord might be interested in. Make sure that you have your dog checked periodically and that they are in good shape. Also, get them a microchip. If you are constantly moving, it’s better to make sure they can easily be found if they get lost.

A dog sitting at a window.

Make sure to train your dog to have bigger chances of finding a rental.

3.  Train your dog.

A good way to guarantee you will have a pleasant stay in a rented home is to train your best friend. For example, they need to understand that destroying objects is not permitted. Or that entering some of the rooms is forbidden. Even if it might seem challenging in the beginning, getting your dog trained will only bring you benefits.

Teaching them some basic commands will help you have better control over them. Also, training your furry friend ensures you will have a good and healthy relationship with them, as well as with your landlord and neighbors.

Finally, reward your dog for good behavior. Instead of punishing them or yelling when they do something wrong, encourage good behavior. It will teach them the proper rules of conduct.

4.  Keep your dog happy.

The most important out of the 5 tips for taking care of your dog in a rental is to keep your dog happy. A happy dog will be easy to train and live with. If they are neglected or don’t have all that they need, they might start misbehaving. Therefore, make sure your dog receives enough attention and is as happy as can be. Here are some of the things you should provide for them:

  • Water and food bowls.
  • A comfortable sleeping bed.
  • A proper leash for walks.
  • Utensils for grooming.
  • Lots of treats.
  • Toys to play with.

Try to keep your best friend on a schedule. Dogs like and adapt to routine. Never miss a walk or skip feeding time. If you can keep your dog happy, it is more likely that they will behave and have good conduct.

Owner kissing her dog.

Spending time with your dog will keep him happy.

5.  Keep your home clean.

When owning a pet, having a clean home is of the utmost importance. A clean home has amazing health benefits for you and your dog. Not to mention that it will keep your landlord happy as well.

Even if it can be a hard and time-consuming process, remove all the hair from your home. It will get stuck to the carpet, sofa and your clothes. It will only become harder and harder to get rid of. Groom your dog as often as possible, especially during the shedding season. It will keep them happy, and they will have healthy, shiny fur. Also, you won’t be carrying and inhaling all hair.

If accidents happen, like your dog breaking a flower pot, clean everything immediately. If you leave it for later, you might discover that the problem has amplified. For example, your dog can drag all the dirt through the house. Avoid having to work more later and clean it on the spot.

After walks, make sure your dog’s paws are clean when entering the house. Having a trail of mud stains all over the place is not ideal. If it gets dry, it is even harder to clean.

Try to keep your house free of clutter. If you have stuff lying around the house in improper places, your dog might reach it. Don’t tempt your pet. They don’t know the difference between valuable items and toys if you leave them in the same places, so they might end up destroying small objects. Keep everything important out of his reach. Also, they might chew and choke on some items. Keeping your house clean will also keep your dog safe.

A dog that is cared for in a rental.

Keeping a clean house when you live with your dog in a rental will keep your landlord happy.

Final thoughts

Living with your dog in a rented home might not be so hard. If you follow some simple rules, anything is possible, even having a good relationship with your landlord. Landlords know what tenants really want, and they can help you achieve that. You can really have a great life with your dog if you put our tips for taking care of your dog in a rental into practice.