21 July 2015


In the course of renting both commercial and residential properties, inevitably there will be times when renters are dissatisfied. Often potential problems can be avoided by taking proactive measures. At other times, when situations for complaint are unavoidable, good communication and prompt action will go a long way to appease tenant displeasure and rectify the problematic circumstances. It will also keep your vacancy percentages lower for greater profitability. Higher vacancy rates mean lower profitability. Complaint issues can also lead to negative reviews on local social media sites, which can have disastrous effects on a company’s reputation.

Here are the 5 most common renter complaints in the Las Vegas area.

1. Rental rates – This is the number one tenant complaint across the nation. As the economy has slightly improved and many previous homeowners have turned to renting, property owners and managers are charging higher rents. They are also often demanding higher security deposits, non-refundable pet deposits, higher monthly pet fees, more costly parking permits, as well as higher charges for the use of onsite services, such as laundries and fitness centers.

2. Overall customer service of management & service staff (Including disorganization, poor communication, and slow response) – When requests for service repairs, both urgent and non-urgent, go unacknowledged and promptly corrected, tenants become frustrated and negative towards management. A general lack of regular facilities maintenance; problems with IQA (Indoor Air Quality); inadequate safety & security features; insufficient pest control measures; and inattention to noise complaints can result in an above-average percentage of property vacancies.

3. Poor grounds & common area upkeep – Accumulated on-site debris; leftover construction materials; fences in disrepair; cast-off furniture; pet waste; general building neglect; and dirty laundry and fitness facilitates.

4. Quality of parking / parking availability – Poor maintenance of parking areas and driveways, as well as limited parking spaces.

5. Security deposits – Delayed refunds, overly high deductions from deposits for normal wear and tear, and lack of an itemized account of deductions can end up as matters for the court.

Triumph Property Management avoids tenant complaint problems with our proactive maintenance schedule and excellent communication. Our rapid emergency response system ensures that urgent requests are addressed in a timely manner. Triumph Property Management is committed to offering outstanding customer service to both tenants and property owners. Contact us today to see how we can help you through our customized management programs.

Watch for our next blog post when we discuss ways to avoid or mitigate tenant complaints.

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