28 October 2016

5 Best Things about Moving to Las Vegas

The United States is home to a diverse array of spectacular cities. From New York City to Chicago to San Francisco, there is always something different, lively, and spirited. But it is Las Vegas, though, that has captured the attention of more and more people.

The question is – why?

Why are more and more people making the move to Las Vegas? To answer this question, we must first understand what Las Vegas isn’t. There are many caricatures of Las Vegas, after all, many of which don’t encompass the true reality of what it’s like to live in this great city.

What Las Vegas isn’t

Las Vegas has many nicknames.

One of those is Sin City and another is the Entertainment Capital of the World. These two nicknames can, for many, give off the impression that the city is about deviancy, touristic indifference and living a life of excess. And it is precisely that caricature that lets the city down.

True, Las Vegas has a vivacious element to its core, but that’s not the end of the story. Las Vegas is also an incredible location for families – offering all the amenities one expects from a large city but also the quality of amenities one often lacks in larger cities.

Property prices – whether its standard homes or luxury homes – in Las Vegas are, when compared nationally, considerably lower. There are also lower taxes in Las Vegas, an added incentive that continues to draw people from surrounding states.

So, let’s delve a bit deeper into the best things about moving to Las Vegas – looking at five specific reasons why you should consider making that all important move.

Advantages of Moving to Las Vegas

Amazingly, it’s casinos that we must thank for low taxation in Las Vegas. Instead of burdening people with a catalogue of taxes, the state saddles casinos with the brunt of the burden. Casino income has, in other words, an extraordinary influence on the tax regime of the city.

But there are many other advantages, besides financial, that prospective relocators should think about. These include:

Schools – some of the finest schools in the country can be found in Las Vegas. For example, Green Valley High School was nominated as one of the top high schools in the US.

Culture – there are churches of every kind in Las Vegas, no matter what denomination you practice. There is also a wide array of cultural features that rival many of the great cities of the United States. In other words, it’s not all about casinos in Las Vegas.

Climate – Las Vegas is nestled in a valley known to give off consistently good weather all year around. Sunlight is known to enhance mood, too. Las Vegas is also ideally located, only a short flight from the west coast.

Entertainment – one of the great things about Las Vegas is a wealth of entertainment opportunities; whether its music gigs, theme parks, shows, or gaming. There is quite literally something for everyone in the City of Lights.

Property – those moving to Las Vegas are often struck by the quality of homes available; not only in terms of lower prices for luxury homes, but also the physical integrity and design that each property offers.  In Las Vegas, you don’t just find properties – you find a home.

Moving to Las Vegas is, then, an exceptional opportunity. It’s something that more and more people are considering and for good reason (or ‘5 good reasons’), too. Click here if you’d like to learn more about Las Vegas homes for rent.

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