3 types of Profitable Property Investment to invest for a whooping profit!
22 October 2022

3 types of Profitable Property Investment to invest for a whooping profit!

Investing in property or real estate has always been an excellent idea be it in Past, Present or Future. Real estate investors should make decisions with profound property market research. If the research is done properly, real estate investors would enjoy great returns.

There are many types of profitable property investment, which real estate investors should ponder before property investment.

Real estate investment is a guarantee with financial luck and lets a steady income start. There are endless options for real estate investors. The property will always give real estate investors amazing returns, if research of property before property investment is done. High returns, does not mean high rents of property, it means re- sell value of property is more. Last, real estate investment funds will be more as profit is added now. 

Before buying any property, real estate investors should compare the options from the market, in order to make profitable property investments. For the first few months, there are chances that investment property does not give us profit, but in the long run, property gives.

Now, after reading the about investment property returns, let’s have a look at 3 most profitable property investment, which are:

1. Residential Real Estate Properties: Safest amongst all Profitable Property Investment

This is a profitable property investment, as this Residential Real Estate Property has good and fixed returns in terms of rent, if residential property is for rent. Thus, monthly rent is enjoyed by real estate investors, or the property owners. However, one has to maintain property on a regular basis. Residential rental Property is a straightforward investment.

If the tenant is unable to pay rent for the rental property on time, or for any damage caused to the property, he ignores the damage, then it might affect the rents earned from the property. But nevertheless, no path is a cake walk in property investment. If for any reason, one decides to sell the property, then profit from the sale is a good option in investment property. 

If one buys a property from the point of view of resale, then the real estate investors, profitable property investment, to invest in an area, with a growth potential, and thus profit can be experienced



2. Commercial Real Estate: Profitable property investment amongst all.

This investment property gives handsome rents. The Commercial rents can be rents of commercial spaces, like- parking rents, shopping malls, hostels, supermarkets, retail shops, offices etc. So, in this type of real estate investment, real estate investors are handing to a business and not to any individual. In this type of investment property, rent is usually paid to real estate investors on time, as no one wants to lose space, as their business will get affected. So, this is a profitable property investment. Investor gets a timely rent for his property.

Office- Profitable Property Investment

3. Fixer Uppers: 

In this investment property, property is bought with the point of view of re-selling. The property is purchased which is in a bad condition and it is renewed and then sold for a profit. In this case, real estate investors can make money fast. This profitable property investment, which requires intense real estate market knowledge, and hard work, in order to buy investment property.  In this property investment, one needs creativity, knowledge about the property and skills to fix the old property wherever needed.

 Profitable property investment- Fixer Upper

Before investment property, one must keep in mind that High Returns should be given importance, before high rents. So, profitable property investment will be the area where the property rates are increasing, which will yield high returns. The size of the property is not important, but the location of the property, that is why it will be known as Profitable property investment.

Last but not the least, profitable property investment depends on how quick  real estate investors want the profit from the property. If one needs it quickly then Fixer Upper is a profitable property investment, and if one can wait for the high returns then real estate investors must opt for Residential Real Estate properties or Commercial properties, for profitable property investment. The profit of property depends on the real estate investment fund. More the real estate investment fund, more will be the real estate returns.

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