21 July 2015


Making your tenants feel “at home” is a great way to foster good will, as well as increase your lease renewal percentage. When tenants feel that their landlord or property management firm is interested in them, their satisfaction with their living situation improves. Happier tenants will result in a lower rate of turnover and an improved bottom line. How can you make your renters feel good about renting from you? Here are some suggestions.

Make sure your staff smiles (!) at your tenants> Instruct all your employees, including your maintenance staff, to be friendly.
Get to know your tenants by name. While landlords who manage larger residential properties will find this to be more of a challenge, making the effort will be meaningful to your renters.
Learn your renters’ pets names – especially dog owners. Some people find it much easier to remember Fido’s name than his owner’s. Have dog treats, toys, and doggie cleanup baggies available at the community office. If you don’t have a fenced in doggie play area, consider putting one in. People with pets tend to make great and lucrative tenants.
Make coffee and snacks (like cookies) available at your office. Make your office warm and inviting.
Make sure your office has attractive furnishings and posters or art on the walls.
Teach your staff to take the time for some brief chitchat when your renters come to the business office. Whether it is to request a repair, lodge a complaint, or pay their rent, tenants appreciate it when your staff takes a personal interest. Many potentially difficult situations can be diffused by positive interaction.
Use festive holiday decorations for your property. In your office, decorate for all the major holidays, not just Hanukah and Christmas.
Maintain attractive landscaping. A well manicured lawn with flowers and beautiful foliage creates an environment that instills pride in your tenants.
Hold community get-togethers. Whether it’s a “meet your neighbor” night, a singles meet up, or a cutest dog contest, your renters will enjoy meeting other people living in your residential complex. When neighbors know each other, there are fewer inter-neighbor complaints.
Have helpful literature on hand that tells about the fun activities available in your area. Is there a great golf course? Is there a special art area? Let your tenants know about these sources of entertainment.
Publish a community newsletter. Let your renters know about upcoming improvements, changes in regulations, fun activities, and helpful tips to assist them with everyday issues.
It’s easy to make your residential real estate investment property into a real community – simply engage in behavior that fosters personal interaction. People like to feel connected. These small acts of interaction will pay off in financial benefits for you, and they will make your staff feel happy, too! Triumph Property Management works hard to help your tenants feel satisfied that they have made the right decision to rent from you

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